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Mens Sexual Health

Main types of male sexual dysfunction

  • Low libido (sexual interest)
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED, difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection)
  • Premature ejaculation (reaching orgasm [sexual climax] too quickly)
  • Delayed or inhibited orgasm
  • Physical abnormalities

Causes of male sexual dysfunction

  • Problems in the relationship with the sexual partner can lead to sexual dysfunction.
  • Lowered levels of the male hormone testosterone (a condition known as hypogonadism) can cause low libido or ED.
  • Certain drugs, such as antidepressants and blood pressure medications, can cause sexual dysfunction.
  • Erectile function can be impaired by a stroke or by nerve damage from diabetes or surgery.
  • Disorders affecting blood vessels, such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and high blood pressure, are risk factors for ED.
  • Other possible causes of sexual dysfunction include smoking, obesity, kidney problems, depression, anxiety disorders, and alcoholism.

Treating male sexual dysfunction

  • For psychological causes of sexual dysfunction, such as relationship problems, counseling, either individually or as a couple, may be beneficial. Sexual therapy with a therapist who specializes in sexual dysfunction may also help.
  • Depression or anxiety disorders may need treatment.
  • Any physical problems that may be affecting sexual function should be addressed.
  • If a medication is interfering with sexual function, it may be possible to change or discontinue the medication.
  • Treatments are available that may help a man achieve and maintain erections.
  • Hormonal treatment, such as testosterone replacement therapy, may help with hormone imbalances that are contributing to sexual dysfunction.

Evaluation and treatment of male sexual dysfunction

Premature ejaculation: history, physical and examination and blood tests are performed on the first visit. Topical agents can be prescribed as well as advice on changes in techniques. New tablets have just recently been approved that have been proven to be effective, the first breakthrough in treatment for premature ejaculation in many years.

Erectile dysfunction: history physical and examination and blood tests are performed on the first visit. Advice is given on strategies and applicable treatments to improve function. Surgery is seldom needed with the above treatments for patients with erectile dysfunction.

Dr John Lambert (MD PhD, Consultant)

Dr Lambert is a consultant at the Mater and Rotunda hospitals in Dublin, specialising in Infectious Diseases and Genitourinary medicine.

Dr Lambert is also a consultant with Charter Medical.

With over 20 years experience in these fields, he is responsible for the training of GP and other health care providers in Ireland in the area of STI care provision, running the bi-annual STI Foundation course at the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin.

Dr Lambert has published widely and has contributed to local and national newspaper articles and TV broadcasts on the topic of sexually transmitted infections (STI's) and other infectious diseases.

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